Friday, November 23, 2012

Hangboard 0.8 Available Now!

Guess what?! After two years I have hangboards in stock!
 Two Hangboard 0.8s
I am calling them Hangboard 0.8 because I made a couple changes to the final design since the design for these. However, no Hangboard 1.0 physically exists. Perhaps I shall go open source with the design...

The development process went through several iterations. I carved the first one with a chisel and rubber mallet. The second and third ones were manufactured at my alma mater, WPI, by a friend who also helped with the I-Beam Ice Axe. The next eight were cut by Holden Machine Company in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin and I finished, and will finish, sanding them in my basement.
Hangboard 0.1, 0.5, and two 0.8s
Why is this such a great little board? The features:
Left Side Holds
  • Made of of durable Hard Maple from Wisconsin. Go ahead and sink your ice tools into it. Or get out the sandpaper and round off a feature exactly the way you want.
  • Five different types of features: three different angles of slopers on the top, two different pocket slopers, a triangle pocket, a vertical pocket, and three small crimper pockets. 
  • Three holes so that you can mount a particular type of plastic or wood hold that you need to practice.
  • It's reversible. Flip it upside down. You lose the slopers but get a little different variety.
  • It's handmade and each one is a little unique. These were cut on a mill used primarly for steel parts. They will all be finished by my own hand sanding the burrs off. In fact, this was just about the last thing that Holden Machine Company ever made. Yep, produced locally in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin by a machine shop that due to the economy is going out of business. 

Holden Machine Company
Janzen Gear Hangboard 0.8s are available on Etsy. There are only nine of them in the world, but I have a couple of commitments to friends so I can not sell them all. Also, in the spirit of 0.8 and Thanksgiving I am selling them for 80% of the price of what I was planning. This is a limited time offer. Once the boards are sold there might never be more. In fact, if there are more they will be the Hangboard 1.0 design which is a little different.
Board Sizing (I have size small hands)

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