Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Patience Because Things Take Time

I'm waiting on my manufacturer to be ready for me. (Isn't that cool that I have a manufacturer?) He has to order a somewhat rare mill bit and I imagine that can take some time. He also had a few orders ahead of mine so it is taking a little longer than I expected. Fortunately, these extra weeks allowed me to set aside a few hundred dollars in cash to pay for the first batch. This is a boot strapping operation. I'll write a post on that in the near future.

It can be hard to wait for someone else to get to my project because often what is of the highest priority in my life is further down on someone else's priority list. That is all part of business, so it is just a new aspect of business that I am learning.

Here is a picture of the ten cut boards each about two feet long sitting in my basement. This first batch is rather small, a mere ten boards. However, it is what I can afford. Also, once manufacturing has been established and a final product demonstrated it is far easier to manufacture more. I could even sell boards before they are manufactured! (It's actually quite a common practice.)

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